niedziela, 29 grudnia 2013

Photoshoot with a horse

November in Poland was quite warm, so we organised a photoshoot with a horse! Photographer Beata Banach chose a stable, Jasiniec, and invited horse instructor Darianna Musialik to work with us. I prepared the stylization and did her make up for her. She looked amazing!!! (remember she is not a model). But her posing was great and helped us a lot with a very stressed horse. He was missing his horse-friends. That's why he was very naughty during the photoshoot :( I tried to talk to him and pet and feed him, but he didn't like me :( He also hit me in the head with his head :D So we decided to go back near the stable to let our horse-model see his horse-friends. And it was much better to control him. The other horses were very excited ! After we ended the photoshoot, our horse-model was calling to us very loudly hahaa! After hard working, he wanted more haha :D It was very funny and nice to work with this horse, but not easy! See how beautiful our horse-model is! (his name is Secret) Hope to see him again <3 Thanks to Beata, Darianna and the helpers from the Jasiniec stable!! Hope to see you all again! :)

And extra photo from backstage!!

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