wtorek, 15 października 2013

BJD inspired

Some time ago, I had a photo shoot, which was inspired by a doll, a BJD (ball-jointed dolls, called dollfies).  We did the photo shoot in Bydgoszcz, PL, on the Wyspa Młyńska, in Jakub Elwertowski's project, "CHAIRS", as envisioned by Wacław Kuczma.

Styling:  Corset-Rebel Madness 
shirt-sh  -
sh purple skirt
petticoat-Brit Style, 40 cm length

 The arms were painted by the artist Aneta Pawska ( http://anetapawska.daportfolio.com/ ), who was the main photographer for the session. Her helper was the equally capable Bartek Bodak, www.facebook.com / ArytmiaRockBand. The photo sessions were not easy to accomplish in such a busy place as the Wyspa Młyńska at this time of year (September). People took pictures, talked to us, etc :D This was, of course, very nice! The only thing we worried about was the passing time and the vanishing light. For now, I present three of the pictures I received. There will soon be more. One of them even appeared on the home page, interia.pl, with a link to maxmodels.pl.

Opposite are bars, but we had an open  area on the other side of the Brda River. I received several photos from one viewer: D